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The breakfast

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Our "business card” is the breakfast. Nutrition studies consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day with regard to health and physical well-being, since it is consumed after hours of fasting after night's sleep.

We have given attention and importance to breakfast through the choice of quality raw materials in a balanced measure, consisting of sweet foods, often rich in carbohydrates such as rusks, croissants, bread or bread with chocolate or jam, yogurt, breakfast cereals, artisanal biscuits , cakes, tarts homemade by the chef accompanied by coffee and/or milk, cappuccino tea and infusions

The resort boasts a clientele of international guests who prefer Anglo-Saxon breakfast or better known as "English breakfast”. Our breakfast is a buffet with a wide variety of choice between sweet and savory, fresh products prepared from day to day such as quiches to various tastes, mixed cold cuts, bacon, boiled eggs, scrambled or even whole and on request eggs to the eye beef, egg omelet benedict. And still a selection of Sardinian cheeses from the area, tomatoes and vegetables.

Careful to satisfy the pleasure and needs of each guest there is no lack of fresh and artisanal products gluten and lactose free and dietetic products for the well-being of the metabolism such as fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit and seeds as well as fragrant and purifying waters to start the day in full form and well-being!

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where we are

Hotel & Resort La Jacia

località la Crucitta

Arzachena (SS)

07021 Italia

+39 0789 99810

how to reach us

Da Olbia seguire le indicazioni per Strada Statale 125 Orientale Sarda / SS125 direzione Arzachena / Palau / Porto Cervo. Lungo il tragitto seguire le indicazioni per Baja Sardinia. Girare a destra verso Aquadream una volta individuata la segnaletica.

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